March 11th 2024

Villa Eden – One of the Most Innovative Retreat Hotels in the World

BY Anna Caccia

When history marries innovation.

Such a visionary precursor was Karl Schmid when in 1982 transformed a private Villa from the 19th century – immersed in a lush park in the elegant and mild setting of Merano – into the first Italian Destination Spa. An important legacy that his daughter Angelika Schmid has been able to preserve and innovate since 1993.

VILLA EDEN – The Private Retreat is a perfect place for Guests looking for an exclusive Leading Hotel of the World offering total relax in a centuries-old park, an elegant ambience and an outstanding personalized service, as well as leisure experiences in the surroundings of Merano.

As a pioneering health resort in Italy, Villa Eden offers also the most cutting-edge methodologies to regain and boost health, beauty and well-being. The skills of the Longevity Medical & Beauty Centre form the basis of the outstanding result, the constant introduction of the latest medical-scientific discoveries, the application of the principles of natural and energetic medicine, of psycho-neuro-immunology and of chrono medicine, are the foundations of this path of success.

Through a holistic approach that considers the persons in their entirety, Villa Eden promotes health, disease prevention and the adoption of a virtuous lifestyle, essential for serene longevity.

The Dining Experience Refined at Villa Eden

Attention to the surrounding environment is an integral part of the concept. Nature is indeed the main ‘leading actor’ of the balance between mind, body and spirit, essential for our happiness and longevity.

Two words defining the true mission of Villa Eden.

A Room of Conversation in Elegance, Villa Eden

A pleasure for me to have had the chance to delve deeper into all the aspects underlying an excellent intimate service with Angelika Schmid herself. Her professionalism, elegance and passion say a lot.

Angelika Schmid

The key pillars on which hospitality at Villa Eden is based are essentially: the comfort of the 25 exclusive suites tailored for an adult public; an innovative and high level cuisine with ingredients selected to gratify the palate and preserve health; a team of experts in preventive medicine, who apply the most innovative scientific discoveries through personalized programmes.

Guest Suite at Villa Eden

A pursued well-being for Guests – often illustrious – with a particular attention to the environment through a sustainability manifesto. This always involves new actions and measures, including: the reduction of plastic (through, for example, the internal production of basic water and its distribution in special water bottles); the conscious use of energy resources thank to improvements to reduce waste; recycling (of rainwater for irrigation of the centuries-old park surrounding the Hotel).

Villa Eden Garden Grounds

Furthermore, the ‘mindful cuisine’ proposed by the starred Chef Marcello Corrado offers true masterpieces, many of which are of vegetal origin, cooked with organic ingredients from meticulously selected suppliers or directly from the vegetable garden carefully cultivated by the staff of the Hotel.

A Masterpiece by Chef Marcello Corrado

A healthy gourmet cuisine that ‘envelops the senses with awareness’. Innovative, personalized, experimental, which combines a sustainable approach for regionality,  seasonality and quality. A low-calorie diet with cutting-edge and light cooking techniques.



Teamwork and collaboration between nutrition experts – including the Health Director himself – and experts in the culinary art, make the combination of detox and gustatory pleasures possible.

Alongside the detoxifying menu there is a gourmet restaurant also open to external guests, which offers 5 to 7 more various courses, but which follows the same well-being philosophy.

 For us, nutrition is a very important aspect, based on the careful selection of raw materials, with attention to their origin.

~ Angelika Schmid

Longevity and prevention are the basis of all the programmes suggested by Villa Eden according to a concept of health taking into consideration the person as a whole. A balance achieved through increasingly avant-garde medical health paths; curative beauty treatments with a rich, completely natural cosmetic line produced internally in Eden’s Marvel – Longevity Spa Center, recognized and awarded internationally; and countless fitness proposals.

A holistic wellness of great excellence.

Dr. Emanuele De Nobili, Longevity Medical Center

A group of experts coordinated by a medical director, Dr. Emanuele De Nobili , who has presided over the Longevity Medical Center for years, together with distinguished personalities mastering wellness medicine.

This year Prof. Fröbose, world-famous sports scientist, will be with  his team for a week at Villa Eden with the EnergizeYourLife – Power, Balance & Health programme, a very interesting challenge!

We have all the tools to stay healthy for as long as possible with a meaningful extension of life expectancy.

~ Angelika Schmid

Yoga and Wellness at Villa Eden

Medicine has made progress in leaps and bounds to achieve a lasting state of well-being and uses increasingly innovative medical treatments to keep our body healthy and beautiful. Among the most significant ones available at Villa Eden:

Use of plant-based food supplements (anti-radical, purifying, thermo-activating, diuretic, calming) produced by certified Italian farmers registered with the Ministry of Health.

* Oxygen Ozone Therapy for the improvement of blood circulation, cellular oxygenation and metabolism

* IV – Multivitamin therapy to strengthen the immune system

* Purification from heavy metals

* Epigenetic test

* Gut microbiome testing

* Skin check-up

* High standard plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic surgery

It goes without saying that the techniques are constantly evolving and that one of the main purpose of Villa Eden is to always stay up to date and spread innovation and information, also taking care of the Guest’s education.

Because quality of life really makes the difference and a daily lively, healthier, attitude is what each of us aspires to.

Longevity Spa at Villa Eden

Numerous guests, as Angelika Schmid proudly tells us, preserve the results achieved over time even after their stay; an outcome worth celebrating.

The noble mission of bringing an added value to people’s lives and the commitment in the pursuit of Excellence and Well-being are a source of great satisfaction in a territory, Trentino-Alto Adige, able to combine progress, innovation and environmental protection.

Seeing is believing.

Vegan Suite for Villa Eden


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