March 30th 2023

Vegan Suite, born from insatiable curiosity

BY Anna Caccia

Kaila Katherine

Vegan Suite was born from my insatiable curiosity. When I glimpse at something beautiful, I feel pervaded to know every aspect of it and if this curiosity lasts, it means that it is the right way.

Vegan and Luxury is the pursuit of EXCELLENCE.

If then luxury is defined in hospitality, we are talking about the creation of experiences that cannot be forgotten, and that have a humans well-being at heart.

From an early age, thanks to my family adventures and travels, new cities were discovered as we staying in or visited Luxury Hotels. I soon realized that plenty of them preserved interesting stories of generations of families, who had fallen in love with a particular geographical location, or stories of entrepreneurs, who had invested in ancient or modern structures to make them better, welcoming, unique.

Vegan Suite image 2
Vegan Suite


It was normal for me to visit both a museum and a hotel, just to drink a tea, discover halls, lobbies, restaurants, and concierges that made me dream.

Even today when I have to tell the story of a Luxury Hotel I get excited.  I immerse myself in its past made up of curious, unexpected episodes, characters, Chefs and I tell A NEW STORY.

Vegan Suite
Vegan Suite

Three years ago I also began listening to long and stimulating speeches on vegan nutrition, on alternative choices to traditional food, and on the most genuine products on earth, grown naturally since their birth. A whole world opened up before my eyes. I started enjoying new dishes, drinking new natural wines, going to ‘different’ restaurants, Italian and international, whose ingredients were mostly vegetables.

How many flavors, how many colors and how many emotions.

I also heard stories of young and old farmers with a more modern and careful approach towards agriculture, respectful of the land, and convinced of their ‘mission’. I tasted fruits that I had never eaten before, and I learned which foods can best nourish our body making us feel healthier and more vital right away. The same vitality and brilliance that our planet must preserve. This is a never ending journey of consciousness, a personal growth towards ‘Beauty’ and not of self deprivation.

I believe it takes time to metabolize ‘a new vision’ and consequently respect for the phases and choices of each of us. But a sense of urgency is also needed to ‘save’ the wonders of our earth, which we enjoy and would like to enjoy for a long time.

I don’t remember the precise moment in which this intuition was born; I know that I have combined my two passions: the new ‘vegetable’ one and the familiar, never forgotten one, the Luxury Hotels.

And Vegan Suite was born.

Its main purpose is to disseminate the knowledge of Luxury Hotels with eco-sustainable services in F&B, Lifestyle, Design, and Well-Being. Every effort towards Virtue and Beauty is rewarded through our stories. Furthermore, our proximity to experts in Luxury Vegan Hospitality in the areas of our interest helps us to bring this concept into a Luxury Hotellerie, not yet or partly ‘plant-based’.

I realized that there is a lot of curiosity around this topic and that, timidly or not, steps are being taken in Italy and in the world towards this new vision of Hospitality, which reserves many surprises for its variety, beauty and professionalism.

A new modern and international Style of Hospitality for a niche of Guests, who according to reliable numerical data will be decisive in the choice of travel destinations and accommodation facilities more in line with their ethical choices.

Vegan Suite
Vegan Suite

I believe that VIRTUE is an ideal we should increasingly strive towards: we have received a lot and we should ‘give back’ through our best version. United we can undertake adventurous and courageous ‘journeys’ to defend our planet, to make it ever more flourishing, and to offer high standards of Hospitality, which can also become an example for other productive sectors.

Vegan Suite image 1
Anna Caccia & Greta Ferrari

I finally want to sincerely thank Greta Ferrari, who has been working in the world of Luxury Hospitality for years, and who listened to me with curiosity right from the beginning and decided to join the Vegan Suite team with her freshness and high professionalism.

It will be an honor to contribute to the development of creative contents for My Vegan World, whose philosophy we feel very close to ours.

Vegan Suite

Kaila Katherine

Vegan Agrivilla Ipini


Our recipes are innovative and colourful yet inspired by the rustic culinary traditions of Tuscany. There is a certain creativity rooted in working with what you have. Our chefs cook with seasonal, local and organic ingredients and constantly craft new scrumptious meals for our guests. The end result is pure and uncomplicated, yet bursting with flavour and inspiration.

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