June 27th 2023

Turning Tides: Plastic-Free Brands Rejuvenating our Oceans

BY Julie Gebhardt

Kaila Katherine

Plastic is choking our oceans; we can turn the tide on this environmental disaster. As we approach Plastic Free July, MVW has curated a selection of products from brands that not only donate part of their profits and services to combat plastic pollution but also offer convenient options for living a plastic-free life.

Kaila Katherine Vegan Cactus Leather


Founded on the sunny beaches of San Diego by three friends with a dream to reinvent an age-old product, The Beach Towel, while donating 10% of all profits to Marine Conservation Charities as a way to protect and preserve the beaches we love.

Sand Cloud Mandala Sea Turtle Turkish Towel
Sand Cloud Mandala Sea Turtle Turkish Towel

Sand Cloud’s Made from 100% Turkish Organic Cotton and a single jacquard weave for a super soft, ultra absorbent, and sand resistant beach towel you can take anywhere. Completed with twisted tassels for added style.

When you purchase a beach towel from Sand Cloud, not only do you get a premium, sand-resistant, ultra-absorbent Turkish cotton towel, but you also help us in our mission to #savethefishies.



Solgaard’s Scandinavian-designed watches are made from ocean-bound plastic with a biodegradable silicone strap – they are practical and gorgeous. 

Solgaard Limited Edition NASA watch
Solgaard Limited Edition NASA watch

With a unique hexagonal shape and monochromatic design, Solgaard’s watch range adds a pop of color to any wardrobe, and doesn’t compromise on quality, either. With a 10-year guarantee, Shoreline watches are made to last.

The range is available in a wide variety of colors from Baltic Black to Miami Mint, and for each watch sold, 229 plastic bottles are prevented from entering the ocean.

Waterhaul barber in mineral glass sunglasses


Waterhaul was founded by marine conservationists who were frustrated by the amount of ghost gear washing ashore. Motivated by their passion for protecting the planet, they decided to turn this end-of-life fishing gear into stylish eyewear that inspire action.  

 And, if you fancy getting hands-on with litter picking yourself, you can purchase one of Waterhaul’s litter pickers made from recycled ocean plastic. 

The company’s mechanical recycling solution transforms nets found on the coastline of Cornwall into sunglasses – and they even have the Sir David Attenborough seal of approval




Donned by the likes of Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, and Kristen Bell, LOCI sells style-forward vegan sneakers that are kind to the planet. These minimalist, chic shoes are made from recycled ocean plastic from the Atlantic coast of Africa and the Mediterranean. 

LOCI PLastic Free Sneakers
LOCI PLastic Free Sneakers

The NEO collection, cool with a sleek style that blends street with haute couture, created as an ode to 80’s basketball. Meanwhile, its ORIGIN collection is a collaboration with Blue Marine Foundation and LOCI’s most sustainable sneaker to date. It features a recycled plastic composition upper, a 100% natural rubber sole, and a cork insole, meaning you can confidently step into more sustainable fashion and look fabulous doing so. 

Plus, for every pair of socially-conscious sneakers sold online, the company donates 10 percent to wildlife charities. 

Kaila Katherine



These brands demonstrate how companies can facilitate change on a global level. Plastic Free July shares their mission and is a movement that helps people make small but impactful changes to prevent plastic pollution. 

Having inspired over 120 million participants across 190 countries, the movement encourages people to say no to single-use plastic and provides resources to make the switch as smooth as possible.

With the amount of plastic waste currently polluting the earth’s oceans, harming sea life and habitats, and entering our food and water streams, the time to act is now. 

Visit Plastic Free July to learn more. Shop Brands at MY VEGAN WORLD to make a difference.

Kaila Katherine Kensington Bag


Luxury You Can Feel Good About, For So Many Reasons. Beautifully Handcrafted, Sustainable And Ethical Handbags Designed And Created By Using Vegan Cactus Leather Sourced From A Mexico-Based, Farmer-Owned Startup. A Portion Of Kaila Katherine’s Proceeds Will Be Donated To Ladies Of Hope Ministries

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