January 12th 2023

Transform & Reset Your Mind & Body

BY Julie Gebhardt

Kaila Katherine

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Reset yourself and reap the benefits of clarity and mindfulness by practicing gratitude, being kind to yourself, and relaxation by choosing regenerative habits that promote growth and true transformation. Simple yet effective forms of self-love leads to significant improvements in your health, your mindset and in return you will experience greater joy and happiness overall.

There are several methods that can renew your mind, your health and bring a positive transformation to you and the world around you. First, we must explore ways to keep the mind healthy, because the mind feeds the body. Stress can cause unsurmountable pressure and disease not in just the brain, but throughout the entire body if not addressed and managed. When one is stressed, the brain sends a signal to every system in the body; the cardiovascular system, the endocrine, nervous and digestive systems in which the body produces more cortisol and adrenaline known as ‘stress hormones’.


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What is stress? Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension that results from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Symptoms such as increased heart rate, faster breathing, muscle tension, irritation, fatigue, fretless worrying and poor decision making are harmful to the mind, body and soul. If feeling overwhelmed it’s important to take a step back, focus, reset and learn ways to protect your mindset and your outlook. Clarity is essential in maintaining a healthy mind. Journaling, prayer, meditation and visualisation are fantastic tools to practice in order to handle and filter through what you are feeling, what you are identifying with, and if the stresses you are putting your mind through are of importance. Many stresses are of no use to you, they are not serving you and must be eliminated and removed from your thinking.

By prioritising our mental health through daily activities, this creative a positive mindset and keeps a balance between our mind and our body.

A great way way to de-stress and decompress is through journaling. What it does is that it keeps you accountable of your thoughts, validates your emotions and triggers, keeping you in check. Ask yourself, are they valid thoughts and emotions? Are they positive, nourishing and kind thoughts, or are they thoughts and emotions that trigger you in a way where you feel a little friction inside? Journaling helps you stay organized with your thoughts, your responsibilities, and realty.

Practicing gratitude is another way to de-stress and is also a game-changer. It is an extremely powerful emotion that can completely transform the mind, your outlook through expression, thoughtfulness, recognition, acknowledgement and appreciation. Simple ways to practice gratitude: make a gratitude list, and meditate with it giving thanks for all your good fortune. A fascinating practice is one that the Japanese use, and they have this amazing word for it called shinrin-yoku, which translates into ‘forest bathing’. Immerse yourself and ‘forest bathe’ by taking a walk in nature and notice the beauty in which it holds. While forest bathing, breathe in and inhale holding for four seconds, then breathe out for four seconds, doing this four times. Forest bathing has been known to reduce stress, improve creativity, create a healthy mindset, overall health, enhance you spiritually giving you a sense of gratitude. Include an unseen act of kindness each day. Make an effort to choose joy, and acknowledge all that brings you joy. Share the benefits of gratitude and put what has been learned into practice making it into a habit.

Some other ways to transform your mind and body are through activities that promote healing within such as earthing and grounding. Connect physically with the earth, walking barefoot outside, lying on the grass or beach, or wading into the ocean. By doing so, one becomes charged by the earth’s energy resulting in balance and healthy inflammation response. Sounds of nature is another. According to researchers, the sounds of water trickling down a stream or fountain, or water washing up on a shore relax the nervous system resulting in lower blood pressure, a lower heart rate, and lower cortisol levels. There are playlists, apps, and noise machines with sounds of nature, waterfalls, and rain that all create a relaxing harmonious symphony within your home. At the end of the day, it all comes down to this. Being at peace within yourself which is all possible through transforming and renewing your mind first, then the body will follow.

Cultivating a sense of peace and living with integrity at all times is essential. ‘He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world.’ ~ Marcus Aurelius

Kaila Katherine

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