February 20th 2023

Top 10 Vegan Cities Around the World

BY Isabel Putinja

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With the plant-based explosion in recent years and the number of vegan-friendly options having skyrocketed in cities all over the world, it’s now much easier to travel as a vegan. What’s more difficult is to keep track of which worldwide cities are the most vegan-friendly as the trend continues and the number of new options grows day by day.

But HappyCow does just that. This website and app lists vegan and vegetarian restaurants, shops, and businesses in 180 countries across the world, and is a lifesaver for veggie travelers.

At the end of 2022, the platform published its top 10 list of most vegan-friendly cities around the globe. To compile this top 10 list, the number of vegan restaurants located within 10km (6.2 miles) of a city’s center was taken into consideration, as well as the total number of other vegan businesses such as shops, bakeries, and services. The overall growth of new vegan businesses was another marker used, as was an estimate of how active the local vegan community is.

Here we take a closer look at each of these top vegan-friendly world cities and a few of their highlights.

Vegan Cities London
Vegan Cities: London

1. London
In 2022, Happy Cow named London the most vegan-friendly city in the world for the fourth year in a row. The capital of the United Kingdom boasts over 200 vegan restaurants citywide and over 400 vegan businesses – no other city can top that. Within its city center, a vegan restaurant is never too far away, with 165 located within a 10-kilometer radius.

Veganism has gone mainstream in London, where there’s no shortage of plant-based eateries catering all kinds of international cuisine, from Ethiopian to Lebanese, as well as cafes, bakeries, supermarkets, and a vegan cheese shop. There’s even an all-vegan hair salon, The Rabbit Hole Vegan Hair Parlour, using only plant-based and cruelty-free products where clients can also enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or tea and biscuits – vegan of course.

Veganism in Berlin
Veganism in Berlin

2. Berlin
The German capital known for its alternative scene has long been a top destination for vegans but more recently the number of plant-based restaurants within its city center hit a record 100, while the number of city-wide vegan businesses comes to 330 in total.

The city lays claim to being the home of Europe’s very first vegan supermarket, Veganz, which opened its doors already back in 2011. The vegan scene here also includes a few 100 percent vegan bars: at Alaska bar you can sample some tasty vegan tapas along with a cruelty-free cocktail or two.

Vegan Cities New York
Vegan Cities: New York

3. New York
New York has it all, including a thriving vegan scene that counts a whopping 170 plant-based restaurants within a 10-square-kilometer area, and a total number of 267 vegan businesses. Caribbean, Thai, Ethiopian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Israeli, Korean, French… Another thing that’s great about the Big Apple is that you can sample a variety of cuisines from all over the world and you can find vegan restaurants serving up all of these. New York City also has a mind-blowing number of vegan bakeries and ice cream parlours to satisfy your plant-based sweet tooth.

A great way to get up close with the city’s eclectic vegan scene is to join one of the vegan walking tours on offer at Vegan Tours NY. Start your day with a breakfast tour to get the low down on the city’s plant-based breakfast offerings, or take your furry friend on a dog-friendly food and drink tour.

4. Melbourne
At the end of 2022, Australia’s second city was home to 130 all-vegan and 1000 vegan-friendly businesses, making it Australia’s best destination for plant-based travelers. This is another multicultural metropolis where travelers can find vegan outlets cooking up a wide variety of international cuisines. Then there’s all the sweet plant-based treats on offer: chocolate, ice cream sandwiches, frozen yogurt, gelato, raw desserts… rounding off the city’s vegan-friendly offerings.

Add to all that a chain of vegan supermarkets where you can stock up on all your plant-based staples, as well as a nail salon, beauty parlor, and hair salon that are all-vegan and only use products that are cruelty-free.

5. Singapore
The Asian island and city-state of Singapore has seen a huge growth in vegan-friendly businesses in the past three years, the number of which has almost doubled. HappyCow lists 185 vegan establishments, with 800 that are classified as vegan-friendly.


Vegan Cities Singapore
Vegan Cities: Singapore

Singapore is famous for its food culture and in particular its popular “hawker centers”: open-air food courts selling a variety of different local foods. All-vegan hawker stalls have made an appearance on the city’s food scene, serving up plant-based versions of local Chinese specialties. These include Xiu Xiu Fried Banana, Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen, e Veg, Xi Shi Fu Vegetarian, and Bishan Vegetarian.

Other vegan highlights in Singapore include the 4MY vegan cheese store, an all-vegan bubble tea shop, and Everyday Vegan Grocer, a completely plant-based supermarket.

6. Los Angeles
HappyCow calls Los Angeles a vegan mecca, with 105 vegan restaurants situated within a 10-km radius, a number that has doubled in three years. The City of Angels has a bit of everything for vegans of all stripes: vegan pizza and burgers, global fusion, plant-based cheese, pastry shops, high-end eateries, and celebrity restaurants.

The city’s long list of plant-based offerings also includes all-vegan and cruelty-free beauty services: from spas and nail salons, to beauty parlors and hairstylists.

7. Bangkok
We’re back in Asia with number 7 on the list of the world’s top vegan-friendly cities. Bangkok has  seen a skyrocketing number of new vegan restaurants and businesses make an appearance in the past three years, an increase of 58 percent. At the end of 2022, there were 99 vegan restaurants in the Thai capital, and a total number of 130 plant-based businesses. Many of these vegan eateries serve up delicious Thai food, plant-based style.

This bustling city also boasts an entirely vegan delivery service: Vegan Crush Food Delivery has a changing weekly menu made up of plant-based dishes. There are also two vegetarian supermarkets, JonDee and Veggie J, both of which also stock plenty of vegan options.

8. Amsterdam
Amsterdam is another city that has experienced a plant-based explosion in recent years: 78 percent in the past three years, with 50 percent of this growth happening in 2020 alone! By the end of 2022, Amsterdam had over 200 vegan businesses, of which 69 were plant-based restaurants.

A stand-out vegan experience is a meal at a vegan squat community kitchen such as MKZ, De Peper, Robin Food, Vrankrijk, and Joe’s Garage, where cheap, three-course plant-based meals are served up by volunteers. Check to see on which days they’re open for business and sign up. Other Amsterdam highlights are Willicroft, the first plant-based cheese shop in the land of cheese-lovers; and VEGA-LIFE, the largest vegan lifestyle store in the Netherlands.

If you’re wandering around Warsaw’s city center, you’re likely to be only steps away from a vegan restaurant. The Polish capital is home to close to 70 plant-based eateries, and most of these are located with an area of one square kilometer. When it comes to vegan businesses, the number reaches over 150 within a radius of 10 kilometers.

A local vegan success story is Krowarzywa and their celebrated plant-based burgers. This local vegan burger chain with eight restaurants has repeatedly won the honor of serving Warsaw’s best burger, beating any real meat versions hands-down.

10. Barcelona
According to HappyCow, Barcelona has seen an impressive 74 percent growth in its vegan scene over the past three years. With plant-based restaurants, vegan brunch spots, burger joints, and eateries offering menus of Lebanese, Mexican, Japanese, and Indian fare, the choice for vegan travelers is huge.

Sample vegan cheeses and even better, learn how to make them at workshops hosted by Väcka. Also notable is the number of completely vegan grocery stores and supermarkets: Som Vegans, Vegacolena, Vegans & Bio, and V Market. Finally, Barcelona is host to Vegan Fest Catalunya, the biggest outdoor vegan festival in Europe running over three days each September.

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