September 13th 2023

Planted Expo Coming to Seattle: A Culinary and Green Lifestyle Extravaganza

BY Julie Gebhardt

Kaila Katherine

Get ready, Seattle, because the most anticipated plant-based extravaganza is coming to town on April 20-21, 2024, and it’s about to take your city by storm! Mark your schedules for a weekend of eco-conscious elegance, as Planted Expo blossoms in the heart of the Emerald City from 10 AM to 5 PM each day. For nine glorious years, the business that started it all, Planted Life, has been sowing the seeds of change, and now, they’re branching out across the border. After monumental successes in Vancouver and Toronto, Planted Expo is making its grand debut in the United States, starting with Seattle. Expect nothing less than a feast for the senses, with a health and fitness flair and a green twist.

Planted Expo isn’t just your run-of-the-mill expo; it’s a vibrant celebration of all things plant-based. Whether you’re a veg-curious explorer or a seasoned herbivore, this event is your ticket to living a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. And it’s not just for the diehard vegans – Planted Expo is an inclusive, family-friendly affair. This isn’t your typical outdoor festival; it’s a high-end, indoor and weather-proof experience that’s all about sampling and indulging in guilt-free, planet-friendly pleasures.

Planted Expo is your one-stop shop for discovering the crème de la crème of plant-based brands and businesses. They’ve handpicked the best in each city they visit, ensuring that you, the discerning consumer, get to savor, test, and embrace your favorites. It’s your annual opportunity to explore the hottest newcomers and discover where to find your beloved products right in your own city.

You can see the benefits brands and attendees experience right on the Planted Expo website. In one recap video, the team from beverage brand Opus shared, “We feel blessed and very lucky to be here as one of the main sponsors of the event.

You can see that it’s not even an hour into the event and it’s already packed. We love being here. Very high energy.” Another vendor exclaims “we wanted to be able to connect face to face, and it provided that above and beyond.” One attendee shared “It’s a whole family experience. There’s something here for everyone.”

At Planted Expo, compassion, integrity, innovation, and genuine human connections aren’t just buzzwords; they’re the foundation of everything they do. It’s a place where ethics meet commerce, and kindness reigns supreme.

While food takes center stage, Planted Expo doesn’t stop there. Amidst the hundreds of vendors on display, you’ll find a curated selection of health, fitness, and eco-living experts sharing their wisdom. A handful of speakers will delve into topics that align with your green and compassionate values. One of such highly anticipated speakers at a recent past event was Dr. Michael Greger., author of How Not to Die. Attendees gained invaluable insights from Dr. Michael Greger’s engaging presentation on healthy living.

Planted Life owner Steven Mirkovich says about the Seattle expansion: “Our excitement is off the charts as we embark on an adventure in Seattle, a city renowned for its eco-conscious spirit. The Seattle Convention Center will be the canvas for our values: fostering connections, promoting ethical choices, and championing a planet-friendly lifestyle. Together, with the vibrant Pacific Northwest vegan and plant-based communities, we’re sowing the seeds of compassion and planting the roots of change.”

Seattle, get ready to savor the flavors of the future, explore wellness and green living. In the meantime, everyone can check out the Planted Life website for Planted Expo updates, as well as oodles of resources on plant-based living, or visit them on all social media!




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