September 11th 2023

Plant-Powered Powerhouses: Five Inspiring Vegan Bodybuilders

BY Julie Gebhardt

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In a world where protein-packed diets and animal-based nutrition have traditionally been associated with bodybuilding, a new generation of athletes is breaking stereotypes and proving that plant-based strength knows no bounds.

Meet Torre Washington, Robert Cheeke, Jordan Dranes, Luca Fent, and Berto Calkins – five exceptional vegan bodybuilders who have been crushing misconceptions and elevating plant-powered athleticism to new heights.

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Torre Washington

Defying the Odds with Plant-Based Excellence

Torre Washington stands as a true testament to the potential of veganism in the world of bodybuilding. As a renowned IFBB Pro bodybuilder, he has honed his physique without a single bite of animal protein. Torre’s dedication to his plant-based lifestyle and rigorous training has earned him numerous accolades, proving that compassion and strength can go hand in hand. Sign up for his free Vitality Guide where you will receive his quad builder workout, four super tasty recipes, and tips to build and maintain a great physique. Want to see what torre eats in a day? Check it out on IG @torre.washington.

Robert Cheeke

Leading the Vegan Bodybuilding Movement. 

A pioneer in the vegan body building community, Robert Cheeke is more than just a seasoned athlete. He is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, fervently advocating for the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. Through his journey, Robert has inspired countless individuals to embrace a cruelty-free approach to fitness and nutrition. Join his community at where you can learn & share about being “healthy for life” as a plant-based athlete — whether you’re just starting your journey, or you’re a seasoned pro.  Check out Robert’s secret to living longer @robert.cheeke

Jordan Dranes

Shattering Stereotypes on Stage

Jordan Dranes has mastered the art of sculpting his body into a masterpiece of vegan strength. As a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer, Jordan has demonstrated that veganism is not a limitation but a gateway to boundless growth and muscular development.

It’s absolutely possible to build muscle, get strong and be healthy – without the cholesterol, carcinogens and cruelty to animals from eating them!

Jordan’s motto is, “We kill workouts, not animals!” Get a Plant Powered Body, and smash your fitness goals with Jordan,  @conscious_muscle.


Luca Fent

Raising the Bar for Vegan Athletes

Luca Fent’s dedication to a vegan lifestyle has driven him to become an exceptional bodybuilder, shattering myths about the inadequacy of plant-based nutrition. His journey exemplifies the symbiotic relationship between compassion for animals and achieving peak physical performance. Recently Luca was interviewed on The Vegan Fit Podcast, about his mind blowing journey from being bedridden to vegan super human strength. His life altering experience is truly unbelievable. Luca shares his story to teach you how you can thrive like a vegan, become more confident and completely change your life. For the better.  @marshallfent.

Berto Calkins

Redefining Vegan Gains

Berto Calkins has harnessed the power of plant-based nutrition to fuel his bodybuilding journey, reaching new heights in muscle mass and overall fitness. His unwavering commitment to cruelty-free living serves as an inspiration to aspiring vegan bodybuilders worldwide. Berto is also a member of the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary board. Follow Berto and his vegan ventures on IG @whatsgoodberto.

Beyond the Stage: Advocates for a Better World

What sets these vegan bodybuilders apart goes beyond their exceptional physiques. Each of them uses their platform to advocate for a more compassionate world. They embody the idea that being strong doesn’t mean exploiting others, and that true power is found in promoting ethical choices for ourselves, the animals, and the planet.

Their journeys have shown us that plant-based diets provide ample protein and nutrients to support muscle growth and athletic performance. By showcasing their achievements, they have debunked the myth that animal products are essential for building an impressive physique.

Their collective impact reaches far beyond the bodybuilding community, inspiring individuals from all walks of life to embrace plant-based living. They prove that we can be kind to animals, the environment, and ourselves while achieving our fitness goals.

Torre Washington, Robert Cheeke, Jordan Dranes, Luca Fent, and Berto Calkins are leading the charge in a new era of plant-powered strength. Their dedication, passion, and achievements have shattered stereotypes and opened doors for vegan athletes everywhere.

As more people recognize the benefits of compassionate living and plant-based nutrition, the future of bodybuilding looks greener than ever. With these extraordinary individuals at the forefront of the movement, we can only expect more to follow in their mighty, plant-powered footsteps.

So, whether you’re an aspiring bodybuilder or simply curious about the plant-based lifestyle, remember this: The power of plants knows no limits, and these fab 5 vegan bodybuilders are living proof that compassion is the true strength that builds a better world, a better you, one rep and one muscle at a time.


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