March 11th 2024

Make You Greener: How to Give a Boost to the Economic Transition

BY Anna Caccia

‘Desires are the most important thing we have and you can’t make fun of them too much’.

 Today I just finished reading what I think can be valued as the philosophy behind Make You Greener, the book written by Valeria Melocchi – Vivere Greener – in a lush land like Sri Lanka. Away from everything, to be more focused and maybe even to enjoy every word of this creation truly full of useful ideas and a source of inspiration for those like us of Vegan Suite eager to improve every day.



Leave a footprint.

As healthy as possible for our land.

The Make You Greener project was born on 15 July 2019: two girls under thirty animated by an ideal and able to listen deeply to their own inclinations which do not speak of an ordinary life but start from a desire, that of contributing to beautify our planet.

Encourage ‘the ecological transition’ through a set of actions and suggestions, which they try to spread and implement on a daily basis.

What is it about?

Let’s make a list of the essentials:

* raise awareness and educate their community of more than 83 thousand people on issues related to the climate change and the deterioration of the environment

* encourage good practices among ‘earthly beings’ to improve their lives

* increase the number of people who are friends of the planet

*‘discover’ through conscious journeys

* find and market zero waste and plastic-free products

* organize awareness paths 

* provide services to companies (for their sustainable transition, for the organization of events and the customization of products)

These are their main activities but I’m sure others will be added over time given their incredible and inexhaustible desire for ‘knowledge’.

The values animating Valeria Melocchi, who defines herself as ‘explorer, writer and generator of ideas’ and Sonia Azzola, ‘a multi-potential who makes ends meet’, are transparency, to be more credible, respect towards those people supporting them, and iniziative (active people make mistakes but act).

What impressed me most is their attitude: the absence of judgement.







While tenaciously promoting a circular economy, encouraging the life cycle of products and reducing waste, they are well aware of the complexity involved in current production system combined with the increasingly high consumer habits of the vast majority of people.

However, starting from virtuous concrete examples of enterprises who have decided in various sectors to follow more conscious paths, they appreciate every single and even small action leading us to a simpler, more respectful and high-quality life.

‘Traveling makes you see the variables’.


They are always a source of inspiration and experiences if approached with the right attitude, which – as Valeria says – is based on a profound delicacy and an ability ‘to listen’ to better connect with different uses, habits and beliefs. At the same time, travels can be risky, sometimes also full of unexpected setbacks. They put us to the test, bringing out the bravest part of ourselves – especially if, as often happens to them, they travel alone.

I would like to shut up now and make room for their words.

I have two curiosities:

The first: what was the strongest experience you had since the beginning of this ‘adventure’.

The second: how you see the future of ‘Make you greener’.

Valeria: It is impossible to choose just ONE experience. Starting something from scratch it is a continuously transforming experience linked to what you are and what you feel. The strongest experiences come after so much effort that you need to remember why you are still doing it. And then, something arrives to prove to you that it was all right, everything happened for the right reason.


Sonia: The first launch of the first greener family product, the launch of the new website, the TEDx, when we got our book in our hands.



Valeria: I want to create a physical space that replicates the value of Make You Greener. A place where you can really live in contact with nature, growing your own food, connecting with other humans and natural elements around. A sort of Greener House, where we get to know so much about plants and we cherish the rhythm of nature and the blossoming of flowers. With wild animals around and the sound of the ocean always in the background.

Sonia: A container of information that helps more and more people to get closer to a more sustainable lifestyle, a community of people ready to support each other and cross paths to create a greener world together, a place where you can take your first steps through products that will support you in your mission.

‘A sustainable life is one in which our intelligence expresses itself to the maximum’.

I had never thought about the definition of sustainability in this sense but I think it is very acute to associate it with an intelligence of LIVING.

Quotes taken from: Vivere Greener. Scelte sostenibili per attivare l’effetto farfalla e riconnettersi alla natura (Living Greener. Sustainable choices to activate the butterfly effect and reconnect with nature) by Valeria Melocchi, 2023


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