January 12th 2023

Luxury Travel Reinvented

BY Julie Gebhardt

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Explore paradise, and connect your journey with purpose. Travel cruelty-free and in style, to these luxurious vegan sublime destinations.

Ethos Vegan Suites in Fira, Santorini.
An ethical approach to vacationing combining an elegant city stay while respecting nature and animal welfare. The word Ethos derives from the Greek word for morality which is reflective in all that Ethos Vegan Suites offers its guests. With deep-rooted love and respect for the island Ethos has created the ultimate experience for those seeking a luxe, sustainable and vegan holiday. From delicious plant-based breakfast offerings, to the organic rooftop garden, eco-friendly furnishings, local natural materials, and low-chem hot tubs. Ethos Vegan Suites has a philosophy: to live harmoniously with their surroundings and to extend peace and tranquility to all guests. Boasting of breathtaking views of the town and the sea, Ethos is a small slice of heaven that welcomes all to experience the senses, a journey into the calmness of Santorini. For more information visit ethos-santorini.com


Ethos Vegan Suites Ethos Vegan Suites

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Fivelements Retreat Bali. Opened in late 2010 as the first of a new genre of wellness destinations in the world. To date, this luxurious eco-wellness retreat has been recognized with 18 international awards and earned its position as an innovative leader in wellness concept design, retreats, programs, unprecedented plant-based cuisine and wellness worldwide. The retreat features accommodations all inspired by the beauty of Bali using bamboo, traditional thatched roofing, sweeping mosquito nets, with views of the sacred Ayung River and Balinese Gardens. The retreat also features The Wellness Sanctuary and Spa with offerings from wellness day experiences to private wellness retreats to boutique group retreats. Dine at the fabulous Sakti Dining Room for a vegan gastronomical journey to nurture the trinity: body, mind and soul. Visit fivelementsbali.com for more information.

Fivelements Retreat Bali
Fivelements Retreat Bali


Peace Village Global, Dominican Republic. What is Peace Village? It will be a very special place, living in complete paradise where you are one with nature, the planet, the creatures within. Here you can own private, affordable tropical acreage in a sustainable ecologically focused village with offerings such as the largest fruit forest, gardens, raw/micro-greens kitchen, yoga, waterfall adventure tours, on-site Montessori school with childcare/youth activities, and more. Peace Global Villages ethos is to thrive and flourish as individuals, in an eco-conscience pursuit of cultivating peace, harmony and healing as a village, and to visit and live sustainably with the earth. For more information visit peacevillageglobal.com.

Peace Village
Peace Village



Alluring Africa. A vegan safari?! Sign me up! It’s not too late to secure your spot to embark on a truly magnificent adventure! Diana Edelman of Vegans, Baby, is not only the hustling community organizer, but she is also a world traveler, and vegan business leading advocate, who organized an ethical, intimate vegan group travel experience in South Africa just this past June. For more information on plant-based and vegan safaris, visit alluringafrica.com.

Alluring Africa


Vegan Agrivilla I pini, Tuscany. A place beyond your dreams. It is the first vegan Agriturismo in Italy and quite simply a place where luxury has effortlessly met with barefoot nature. This contemporary yet rustic organic Italian farmhouse in San Gimignano, Tuscany, Italy is a 100% organic vegan farm and restaurant retreat. Its sustainable eleven-room farmhouse offers everything you can imagine; lovely organic linen bedding, passive heating and cooling, chalk and rice husk wall finishes for superior air quality. This meditative retreat also grows their own grapes, olives, herbs and vegetables all used in their biovegan ristorante. Late fall and early winter is an amazing time to visit as it’s the end of grape season and olive season is just behind. To plan your visit go to ipinitoscana.com.

Vegan Agrivilla I pini, Tuscany
Vegan Agrivilla I pini, Tuscany



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