June 21st 2023

LaBante London: A Vegan Fashion Revolution

BY Ellie Peach

Kaila Katherine

In recent years, vegan fashion has been gaining popularity as more people become aware of the ethical and environmental implications of the fashion industry. Labante London, a fashion brand known for its commitment to veganism and sustainability, has been at the forefront of this movement, consistently staying ahead of the curve when it comes to ethical style. Let’s look closer at how Labante London remains ahead in the ever-evolving world of vegan fashion…

1. Innovative Materials: Labante London constantly seeks out and utilises innovative vegan materials in its designs. While traditional leather is derived from animal skins, Labante London opts for cruelty-free alternatives such as high-quality vegan leather like apple, vegetable and microfiber, as well as recycled plastic bottles and tree gum materials. By embracing these materials, Labante London ensures its products are stylish, sustainable and durable.

LaBante Zuri Black Vegan Backpack
LaBante Zuri Black Vegan Backpack

2. Attention to Design: Labante London understands the importance of combining fashion-forward designs with cruelty-free materials. The brand’s team of talented designers creates aesthetically pleasing and timeless pieces, catering to the evolving tastes of fashion-conscious individuals and remaining staple classy designs for your capsule wardrobe. By staying up to date with current fashion trends, Labante London offers vegan options that rival traditional luxury brands in style and sophistication. The brand’s particular attention to detail also extends to its product packaging. Recently implemented, LaBante bags and shoes now have a plantable swing tag that grows into wildflowers, minimising waste at every step!

3. Sustainability: Labante London recognises that sustainability goes hand in hand with veganism, and as a PETA-certified brand, veganism is integral to LaBante’s ethos. The brand actively promotes sustainable practices throughout its supply chain; this includes using eco-friendly manufacturing processes, reducing waste, and ensuring fair labour practices. By maintaining a strong focus on sustainability, Labante London sets itself apart as a brand that not only offers vegan products but also prioritises the well-being of the planet. Customers can also feel personally responsible for their commitment to the environment as ten trees are planted with each purchase, making it carbon neutral.

Alder Black Clutch & Cross-Body Bag
Alder Black Clutch & Cross-Body Bag
LaBante Vegan Mini Demi Tote Bag in Green
LaBante Vegan Mini Demi Tote Bag in Green

4. Transparency: Labante London believes in transparency and actively communicates its values to consumers. By being open about its vegan materials, manufacturing processes, and ethical practices, Labante London builds trust and establishes itself as a leader in the vegan fashion industry. Customers can have confidence in the brand’s commitment to cruelty-free and sustainable fashion.

5. Collaborations and Partnerships: Labante London collaborates with like-minded individuals and organisations to amplify the message of vegan fashion. By partnering with influencers, other vegan brands, and organisations focused on animal rights and sustainability, Labante London extends its reach and contributes to the overall growth of the vegan fashion movement.

LaBante Iris Shoulder Bag in Black
LaBante Iris Shoulder Bag in Black

As the demand for vegan fashion continues to rise, Labante London’s innovative approach, attention to design, commitment to sustainability, and transparent practices ensure that it remains at the forefront of this movement. Labante London inspires others to embrace cruelty-free and sustainable fashion through its efforts, proving that style and ethics can go hand in hand.

Kaila Katherine Vegan Cactus Leather

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Zuri Backpack


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LaBante London

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