June 17th 2023

LA VIMEA, the First Vegan Hotel in Italy

BY Anna Caccia

Kaila Katherine

LA VIMEA, the First Vegan Hotel in Italy.

A place to Be. A 100% plant-based Experience.

LA Vimea Vegan Hotel Logo

“The best things in life are often the most simple. Our philosophy? Nature provides all we need.”

What in 2016 (the year in which LA VIMEA was born) could have appeared a revolutionary project – also exposed to various perplexities – is today an avant-garde concept.

Times have changed and the attention to an increasingly sustainable Hospitality is a valuable element that does not go unnoticed. LA VIMEA was and is still today the first 100% vegan Hotel in Italy. Valeria, the Owner, was a visionary and a forerunner of the times.

Almost hidden in the heart of Val Venosta, in the quiet town of Naturno in South Tyrol, LA VIMEA develops an idea of Hospitality attentive to its Guests’ Well-Being and to the gorgeous surrounding Nature.

Hidden in the heart of Val Venosta, in the quiet town of Naturno in South
Hidden in the heart of Val Venosta, in the quiet town of Naturno

Here every action is sustainable: a radical plant-based choice and a conscious lifestyle. The clientele is international – passionate about this Way of Being – but even those guests who approach a completely plant-based Experience for the first time are fascinated and impressed by the richness of the organic and sustainable products and materials. They appreciate their freshness, colors and flavors and the consequent ease derived from the natural treatments, eco-sustainable accommodation and direct contact with Nature.

Eco-sustainable accommodation and direct contact with nature
Eco-sustainable accommodation and direct
contact with nature

An exclusive comfort thoroughly studied but transparent with the intention of inspiring virtuous and kind behaviors towards our planet: an authentic new way of living to be shared.

In the name their philosophy.

LA VIMEA Mission
LA VIMEA Mission

Vegan Hotel LA VIMEA makes the difference thanks to its green pillars, their quality seal describing their values and their daily honest actions: vegan, organic, sustainable, seasonal and handmade. Very clear.

They enhance respect for Nature, animals and human beings thanks to simple but constant behaviors such as straws out of glass, eco-friendly detergents, and zero waste in many areas of the hotel.  They support small local organic farmers for their seasonal supplies and prefer ‘handmade’ instead of mass production.

LA VIMEA Vegan Hotel Room
LA VIMEA Vegan Hotel Room

Even their Hotel furniture is made of local wood not treated with chemical additive and cut during the right moon phases to preserve a better energy. Vegetable materials are used also for mattresses, blankets and courtesy kits. By choice there is no air conditioning and recycled paper is used everywhere instead of plastic.

“You have so many possibilities, but you can simply do nothing. Immerse yourself in a vegan holiday world full of joy, quality and happiness.”

Forest bathing at LA VIMEA
Forest bathing at LA VIMEA

The surrounding Nature and cultural landscape offer a lot of activities
(visits of castles, churches and museums, trail running, jogging, mountain
biking, hiking) but you can also relax by experiencing yoga, meditation,
forest bathing and energetic massages by expert hands in the spa facilities.

Spaces for Yoga sessions, an indoor swimming pool, three saunas, an
outdoor natural pond will welcome you.

Energetic massages by expert hands in the spa facilities
Energetic massages by expert hands in the spa facilities

Everything is done to generate a state of calm and well-being of body, mind and spirit: a holistic approach that finds its maximum expression in Vegan Head Chef Luca Sordi’s gourmet plant-based cuisine.

Through natural organic ingredients and selected aromatic herbs, Chef Luca Sordi is able to give life to artistic food creations and combinations rich in colours and flavors.

A vegan haute dining experience made up of continuous experimentation to always offer new tastes and textures. All rigorously handmade according to the basic philosophy of the Hotel. Good vibes lead to great creations.

LA VIMEA artistic food creations and combinations
LA VIMEA artistic food creations and combinations

See also Vegan Agrivilla I Pini and Paradiso Pure Living, the best 100% Vegan/Vegetarian Hotels in Italy of the same property.

Vegan Suite for La Vimea

Kaila Katherine Vegan Cactus Leather

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