June 17th 2023

Green Hospitality: Paradise in the Dolomites

BY Anna Caccia

Kaila Katherine

Paradiso Pure.Living
Redefining the concept of Hospitality

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Immersed in the largest mountain pasture in Europe, the Seiser Alm, the heartbeat of the Dolomites in South Tyrol (Northeastern part of Italy, a wonderful UNESCO protected area) at the altitude of over 2000 meters, Paradiso Pure.Living really lives up to its name.

Its Founders Valeria and Alexander, mother and son respectively, decided a complete renovation of the Hotel – built in 1962 – and transformed it to a vegetarian-vegan concept at the end of 2019. They courageously converted an entire facility into an all-green and innovative project taking environmental, social and cultural challenges and creating the First Vegetarian-Vegan Hotel in the Dolomites. Completely in line with the principles of a green economy.

“Our Vision is clear and true, without any excess. Our Mission is to preserve and multiply the treasures given to this place by Nature.”
Dolomites in South Tyrol (Northeastern part of Italy, a wonderful UNESCO
Dolomites in South Tyrol (Northeastern part of Italy), a wonderful UNESCO protected area 


A luxury sustainable approach fully based on organic products and with a respectful use of natural resources offering a unique Experience and promoting a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ and conscious behaviors in order to reduce the negative impact on our already fragile environment.

41 rooms to accommodate an average around 80 Guests
41 rooms to accommodate an average around 80 Guests

Choosing a ‘conscious holiday’ can be a start to truly changing our daily lives. A “refuge” ensuring the highest standards of quality in all areas: dining, accommodation and recreation with a noble perspective. The keyword is:



Paradiso Pure Living
Paradiso Pure Living

It can be described in several layers. As an ecological approach in all activities of the daily life to be shared with like-minded people from all over the world to promote virtuous practices, genuineness and harmony. A contemporary eco-design for the Hotel’s spaces and rooms with the use of the finest environmentally friendly textiles, accessories and furniture.

Paradiso Pure.Living offers 41 rooms to accommodate an average around 80 Guests at a time.


A close connection with nature
A close connection with nature

A close connection with Nature, which completely surrounds the Hotel with the possibility of practicing a wide range of activities.

For the Summer season: Professional Yoga Classes free for the Guests, hiking, cycling, running, horse riding, climbing, paragliding, golf… and for the Winter season the presence of 1200 km of slopes, one of the most well-known area of the Dolomiti Superski region.

Winter season the presence of 1200 km of slopes
Winter season the presence of 1200 km of slopes

Vegetarian & vegan cuisine meticulously crafted by Green Chefs with the use of organic products from selected and local sustainable suppliers and farms. Creative dishes full of flavours to be savored and enjoyed to understand that vegetable food can be surprisingly appetizing and rich of essential and energizing nutrients. True well-being can also be healthy and tasty!

Creative vegan dishes full of flavours
Creative vegan dishes full of flavours

Mutual knowledge and learning are central for Paradiso Pure.Living, which is a venue for corporate events, conferences and health programs. Pure.Art Circle is a special project to enhance contemporary art by hosting original Artists and performances to encourage creative exchanges, exhibitions and the dissemination of different artistic styles. A very innovative approach strongly desired by the Founder Alexander Spögler passionate about contemporary art.

Hosting original Artists and performances to encourage creative exchanges
Hosting original Artists and performances to encourage creative exchanges

The result of all these actions is a high concentration of positive energy. A necessary balance to make the difference and to live at a higher level of awareness. An essential change in people’s mind and behavior to have a positive impact on our too long disregarded planet.

Paradiso Pure.Living undoubtedly offers a sustainable luxury healthy vacation for active lifestyle lovers with an ethical approach towards a new perception of the world.

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Vegan Suite for Paradiso Pure Living


Kaila Katherine

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