June 27th 2023

Empowering Businesses through BeVeg Vegan Certification

BY Julie Gebhardt

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With the increasing global demand for plant-based products and the rapidly growing awareness of the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and animal welfare, businesses that cater to the vegan market are thriving. However, in order to establish credibility and to build trust with consumers, it is essential for vegan businesses to obtain vegan certification, but not just with any vegan certification company.

Globally accredited and world-renowned as the standard benchmark for vegan assurance, BeVeg International is the world’s leading vegan certification company and vegan certifier. BeVeg holds the highest and most ethical standards of vegan certification and ensures that businesses strictly adhere to ethical standards by confirming that their products are free from any animal by-products and animal-derived ingredients, including silk or dyes from insects, honey or honey bee products, and products clarified or finished with any animal products. By obtaining vegan certification through BeVeg, a business demonstrates its transparency and dedication to meeting the expectations of today’s conscious consumer.

Vegan certification from BeVeg also establishes trust and credibility. It acts as a trusted symbol and provides the consumer confidence that the products they are purchasing are in alignment with their ethos, and their ethical dietary preferences. By displaying the BeVeg Vegan Certification Logo, a business is distinguishing themselves from the other vegan establishments that do not hold such certification, which results in increased customer loyalty, reliance, glowing recommendations in the vegan network and community, all of which are vital for long-term success.

Kaila Katherine

BeVeg Certification Accredited
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Vegan businesses also attract a much larger customer base than just vegans. It extends beyond to flexitarians, individuals reducing their meat consumption, plant-based customers, and vegetarians as well because they prefer to choose products that are certified vegan. By catering to this growing demographic, vegan businesses are attracting new customers who are exploring vegan options but most importantly those who are exploring vegan options as by doing so, they can be reassured that they are vegan indeed. By having vegan certification for a vegan business through BeVeg, consumers with dietary restrictions or allergies can be assured that the vegan products sold are safe and are a reliable choice.

Obtaining vegan certification through BeVeg also shows that a business actively contributes to environmental sustainability by driving positive change.

Not only do the businesses carry products that are free from animal ingredients and derivatives, they are also adhering to environmentally responsible practices by sourcing ingredients from sustainable suppliers, using packaging that minimizes waste, therefore reducing the carbon footprint.

By choosing vegan certified businesses through BeVeg, consumers are clinging to their purchasing power combined with their environmental awareness, and becoming part of a larger movement towards a more compassionate and sustainable future, gaining recognition as a thought leader and vegan influencer in the industry.


BeVeg Certification website
BeVeg Certification Website

BeVeg Vegan Certification is far more than a label. It is a testament to the business’s commitment to ethical practice. It amplifies the business’s environmental responsibility, positions the business at the forefront of the ever-growing vegan market, and builds consumer trust. Trust is a powerful currently in the business world, and by holding vegan certification through BeVeg it helps cultivate it effectively.

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