November 1st 2023

Deed Industries: Ethical Luxury Living

BY Anna Caccia

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A high concept of luxury. Behind Deed Industries  there is much more than sustainable luxury products. There is a CREED, which will completely redefine the concept of Luxury towards a more responsible production cycle. This approach rewards the use of innovative, eco-friendly and also recycled materials, enhancing energy-efficient manufacturing processes, reducing waste and carbon footprint.


To choose a sustainable luxury is a ‘business imperative’ for Deed Industries. Each action in this direction will improve the state of our planet – exploited for too long – generating contamination and virtuous actions but most of all investments in the research for increasingly sustainable and valuable solutions to create longlasting products without having a strong environmental impact.

In a world education.

But also ‘true quality’ not only of the end made product but also of its evolutionary process from pure organic raw material to the artifact. This also means opting for quality, craftsmanship and creativity.

True luxury shouldn’t cost the earth.

That’s the reason why Deed Industries selects their suppliers with attention, sharing the same values, and using sustainable raw materiels, packaging and eco-friendly proceedings during the entire production system.

Their collection includes six main product areas:

Vanity for self care in order to ‘nurture’ our body with vegan and palm oil free essentials.

Grums, a skincare created from waste coffee grounds of La Cabra, a modern coffee company in Aarhus, Denmark.

Light & Scent vegan candles and hand crafted Japanese incense.

The Varify Collection made of vessel set, glass vases and carafes.

Hot & Cold for chai, cordial and tea moments.

Numen, luxury bags and wallets made from premium vegan leather produced by Enviro, a company based in Perth, Australia.

Shopping vegan preserves our natural resources and is a real ‘medicine’ to guarantee biodiversity, to take care of our natural habitat with all its different species and to reduce the pollution derived from animal-based production.

Luxury is not just having things of extreme quality but a state of mind and even more of the soul: being virtuous and compassionate helps us create trust, connection and a spiral of positive ‘DEEDS’.

 One good deed is worth a thousand prayers…

Certifications, organic materials not tested on animals, ethical production, social responsability and partnership with companies sincerely engaged with restoring our environment are some of the parameters to become an attentive buyer.

But Vegan Suite wants to know more… from the Founder of Deed Industries.

Dear Dale, what collaborations have you put in place to encourage your ecological commitment?

 As part of our core belief is focused on giving back to the planet what it gives us in abundance we have partnered with several organisations to help mitigate the effect our business has on the environment.

Through an initiative run by Greenspark we pay to have 10 plastic bottles removed from the ocean and through the amazing work of Ecologi we plant 5 trees for every sale through our site. We have also been working with The Oceanacy and making donations towards their work in restoring the seas coral reefs through reforestation.

Do you have further plans to increase your offer on the sustainable market? And how do you see the future of luxury goods?

We are always looking at ways we can be and do better both as a business and as a resource for our customers. I started this business as a way to share my love for sustainable, ethically produced goods and as a way to help share some of the work done in the area by truly talented people.

When it comes to luxury, many people envision opulence, extravagance, and excess. However, true luxury goes beyond material possessions and encompasses a deeper understanding of sustainability and responsibility. In today’s world, where environmental concerns are at the forefront, it is essential to redefine luxury and embrace practices that do not harm the earth. I believe that if we all play our part (consumers, retailers and manufacturers) we can all make a deep and lasting difference.


Vegan Suite is completely aligned with this luxury attitude.

Thanks to Deed Industries!

Vegan Suite for Deed Industries

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